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This is where Open Source Ideas take shape
                                   'I help Open Source professionals connect'

Dear Site Visitor,

Welcome to my website.

I initially started this website with the motive of getting open source business ideas for increasing my knowledge. However, with the kind of response that I received from my site visitors, I felt that there is a lot more than just ideas, that people love to give.

  • They have knowledge that they want to share.
  • They have real-time experiences that can make a difference to the open source community.
  • They have ideas that should be paid for.

It is my continuous effort now to help companies and individuals get the best praise, reward and price for their ideas in open source technology.

So, If you are a :

  1. Company (all industries) looking for a company to outsource open source software development 'both onshore and offshore'.
  2. Onshore / Offshore Open source software development company looking for a prospective client for a project in open source.
  3. Company selling open source products.
  4. Company hiring Open source software developers and have openings.
  5. Open source software developers (Jr., Mid-level, Sr., Project Manager) looking for a career move.

You are at the right place.

All you need to do is,

1. Go to the 'What you can do?' and 'What I can do for you?' tab on the website. Read carefully. If you think i can be of help to you, let me know how can I be of help to you. Else,

2. If you have a question, Fill in the "Question Form",i will attend to it.

There are opportunities for both Companies and Open Source Software Developers.
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