When you are looking for an SME IT company to work for you for your development work you’ll need to see a lot of things before you make that outsourcing decision.

There are many companies outsourcing vendors that would boast about their work ‘for less’ ‘for you’ with the ‘desired quality’, but,

  1. Are you really sure on want to hear from them?
  2. Are you a really sure that the information provided to you on the number of resources or the core competency areas is actually true?
I believe not!!

This directly impacts your business and your working. Ultimately, your profits.

I understand that!!

Companies may tell you a number or a figure to please you in many ways.

They may lie on the number of resources, their experiences and many other criterions that you may use to evaluate an outsourcing vendor including certification with associations like the Chamber of Commerce and Technology Parks.

My Solution:

You’ll need to be vigilant, at the same time be sure that the line of services being offered to you by the software development company are from the line of core competency the areas.

You might hear something like,” We have the developers with that experience” with this they may mean that the developers hired by them have worked on a technology during their experience prior to joining the company.

Unless you are double sure that the developer has worked on a given technology (for which you are seeking partnerships with the outsourcing vendor), you can’t be sure on the efficiency and quality of services offered.

You don’t want to spend your time doing reference checks and put yourself at risk with a partnership that can be fatal to you.

Here is where I help you.

I have a strong network of open source software development companies who have ready developers for the technology you are looking for.

The point is that, everyone can hire professionals from the market as there is the dearth of talent available.  But,

  1. Do you have the time you can provide the outsourcing vendor to undertake this lengthy hiring process?
  2. Are you open enough for the long term savings offered by engagement processes like dedicated development facility or retainer, are even project based or fixed bid.
Whether you are looking for short term or long term savings is a business decision you have to make.  How well you make that decision is also up to you.

If you are looking for short term savings, you need a class of developers, reference-able clients, and more over the methodology that is different from many software development companies today.

Remember you might just be taken for a ride by software development companies who do not have the resources and may please you with their approach for hand picked resources.
I hand-pick software development companies for you after looking at a lot of competencies. At the same time provide you with the kind of partner you want.

You can see a list of common areas that I look into before selecting an outsourcing vendor on the link below:

Vendor Selection Criterion

If you feel that I may be of help to you, drop in an email.

I would evaluate your requirements and set up the call/meeting with you.