Here is what i can do for you...


  1. If you share a real-time open-source development project, I would forward it to those companies in need of professionals with your profile. You never know, you might be the next person to be hired with the an open source development company in my network.
  2. Share your experiences about yourself / clients you had, that returned dissatisfied with the services of your company, or of your manager and that left you off-board. I just might be able to help you overcome the loss.
  3. If you are a company that is looking out for open source professionals at an offshore location, you just don't need to go anywhere else, I would be able to forward you company profiles of those who can actually work on your project. This reduces your risk of working with the wrong onshore/offshore open source software development company. If you can tell me exactly what you want along with the rates, i would do all the necessary communication for you that includes product demos, experience details, certification details, bargaining etc. etc. for getting the right pick. Off course I charge my consultancy.
  4. If you are a open source software development company looking for open source professionals, you can contact me too. I have ready profiles for open source software developers with me who are willing to work for you at your location and may be willing to relocate. I can even help you set up a team of such developers. Off course I charge my consultancy.
  5. I can sell your open source software products to those in need of the same. Off course I charge my commission on your sale(s). Send me your product details.
  6. If you are an open source professional looking for a job, send me your detailed CV. I might just have the right career opportunity for you.(Current Openings)
  7. If you submit a new open source idea that could be utilized by a company to make a new software product, for which a market exists. I would send you a "Bright Open Source Ideas" certificate. (Developers only)
  8.  If you submit an open source knowledge write-up/experience that a software development company wants to include on their website, I will have them call you and they might just publish your name on their website and offer you a job because you have that idea/experience. This gives you visibility on the internet too. If your write-up/idea/experience is unique, you will get a "Unique Open Source Ideas" Certificate. (Developers only)
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