Here is what you can do...

 1. Submit your Open Source Ideas that are stored on a hard drive deep in your heart before the hard drive crashes.
2. Share your knowledge on open source technologies. Even links to helpful open source knowledge resources would do.
3. Share real-time experiences working on open source projects.
4. Share information on your experiences with incomplete projects with companies (both companies and developers invited). I can make a difference by helping you with the right company/individual to complete your project.
5. If you are looking to finance an open source project or looking for a team of open source technology professionals. I can help build teams of open source technology experts for you. Send me your request.
6. If you are a company that is looking for open source professionals to work for you onshore/offshore, any country, send me the details on the project you would like to outsource and I would be able to send you profiles that match your requirements. Remember: I would forward you a profile only after proper ref. checks and those with certified experience. I can help you with the right vendor selection.
7. If you are a company looking to sell your open source products, send me the details, I might just have someone looking at a product like yours.
8. If you are a company looking to bag a project in open source technology services, send me your details. I keep getting RFPs and RFIs for those in open source software development.
9. Share your detailed CVs for placement with open source software development companies. (Current Openings)
I just might have the right opening for you. Make sure you put in all the details. Certify your profile.
10. If you have an open source software product you want to buy, I will be able to find that product for you. Just send me the details on what you are looking for.

I wish to have a ready resource database for open source technology professionals with certified/real experience and knowledge on this technology. So, I can use the same for those in my network looking for business and career opportunities in this technology.

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